1. Vicky Edwards

    Thank you for these gorgeous tags, Andrea. Like you I have a long neglected blog! I tend to follow FB, Instagram and YouTube more than I follow blogs, but if this is a convenient way for you to share your work, then why not? It’s easy enough for people to click on your link in the FB post or on your YT channel, you don’t necessarily have to commit to full time blogging again. Thanks again for sharing x

  2. Judy Twitty

    Thank you Andrea! I love your work and have watched all of your videos. You present something different in this world of junk journals and it is very refreshing!! I have downloaded your tags and will have fun using them. They are delightful. Nice to know you have a blog too!

  3. Judy Twitty

    Thank you Andrea for these tags. They are beautifully done, as are all of the things you do…
    I have watched all of your youtube videos and love the uniqueness of what you do. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Emily

    Thank you so much! If you start blogging again, I would read ❤️ I’m heading over to subscribe to your YouTube channel right now!

  5. I’m old school and still enjoy reading blogs! I very much like what art I see on this page and I’d like to see more. Your header papers are gorgeous.

  6. Thank you again, Andrea… and I love your eco-prints, those make me want to try it for sure! From one Foxy Crafter to another, paper is the best material there is!

  7. Joy Mizelle

    I discovered you via instagram. Thank you for sharing you beautiful tags. I enjoyed you YouTube video and look forward to more of your creativity.

  8. Cathy

    Thank you so much for the beautiful tags! I would love to see a few more blogs. Now I’m off to watch the rest of your videos…

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